Bye Bye Boobs *waves* :D

The life and times of my boobs “Sheila & Mary” ……. ;)

A long time ago in a wee village in the countryside lived a girl with a miniscule chest! Her mum had big boobs, her aunties and cousins did, every bloody female in the family did ……even her brother had bigger boobs ! :O  This made her feel bosom deprived! :/

One day after finding one of her chicken fillets in the corridor at work … hadn’t noticed it had fallen out and became a major trip hazard…. she decided for health & safety reasons, she ought to have them sown in so they weren’t so dangerous! (Always thinking of public safety!)  ;) (y)

So 11 years and 4 boob jobs later…… Sheila and Mary have seen (not so flat) flat mates come and go! They have decided enough is enough and they would rather be on their own! The flat mates have been nothing but a problem…..changing shape, moving constantly , one south, one north, gosshhhh! Why cant they just settle in their homes and be happy!!! Awkward buggers!


So basically due to my hyperactive implants that wont sit still my surgeon has decided they are out of control and all he can do is remove them!

So I will go from a C cup (with the flat mates) to possibly an A cup (empty flat!) :O   (gosh that’s an attractive description if ever I heard one….watches bookings decrease 500% in 30 mins!) :v

After 4 months of empty flat I will have the option to have them put back in…..or not! This decision i’ve not made as yet!  (A bit like the flat mates that you love to hate!)

Back in the day….I never wanted huge boobs, just a bit of something to be more in proportion I felt.  I’ve never liked the look of fake tits to be honest, but given the option of that or nothing,  I thought hey ho at the time, …. might as well!

So 10th November 2014 I will be having them removed. I will be fit to work again 1 week after, but i’m going to take a couple of weeks off just to have a wee rest. I will have little scars under my tits, but I already have, so that will be no different.

But in all seriousness the relevant thing is I will have much smaller boobs and will look different.

So any bookings after this date….this is the boob status (y)   Of course anyone already booked has already been informed, but for any future bookings, just to make people aware :)

I appreciate this may affect work, as modelling is quite simply based on your look! I’m not suggesting bigger boobs are a better look, as I don’t think this at all, but it will be a different look for me, so is relevant :)

I will still model to the same nude/ erotic levels and nothing will change that way.

I will further update on Sheila & Mary in the future to let you know whether or not I decide to let the flat mates back in, or whether they have seen their final day!

For now, Thanks a million and lots of love from Sheila & Mary xxxx <3