About Zara

Hi, I’m Zara, Pleasure to meet you…..

I am a full time agency represented and freelance model and I have been modelling for 15 years. I model fashion, beauty & hair, lingerie and swimwear, from editorial to commercial and advertising; also artistic  & fashion nude.  I  also do video & TV extra work.


I have done countless photo shoots over the years and been published in various UK and international magazines. I have modelled on catwalks, for hair shows and for fashion & beauty workshops, again in the UK and such places as Paris, Italy & South Africa. 


I am very confident, enthusiastic and expressive. I am also creative, instinctive and can naturally adapt to any style. I can work with or without direction. I am completely reliable, punctual, and very hard working, yet easy to get on with and certainly no diva!  ( see my references .)


I can do my own hair and make up to a good standard if necessary. However if there is a hair and make up artist on site I will arrive with a clean face and hair.

I am more than happy to work with photographers of any level – professional, amateur …however you categorise yourself, does not affect my performance behind the camera. I love what I do and my passion and energy does not falter, I hope this shows! :D


My location:

I am based in Northamptonshire and available to shoot from home. Click here for images:  Zara’s Place


Rates & Travel:

My rates are reasonable, so don’t hesitate to drop me a message for further details. I am available for bookings worldwide, providing travel expenses and accommodation etc are covered. However I am flexible and accommodating, for example, if I am touring an area already, travel/accommodation will be reduced to suit. I drive and have my own car, for ease of travel.

For Further information or bookings, give me a shout :) CONTACT FORM



Please be advised,  if a cancellation is made within 72 hours of the booking, I will require my fees to be paid in full. A cancellation within one week will require 50% of the fee to be paid.  Thanks