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I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Artemis Fauna model for a few days in London. We  had a spare couple of hours so we planned a little shoot with Stephen Perry.  Stephen came up with these quirky ideas (as he does) and the rest was history :D ….very yummy history! :D  We had alot of fun shooting these! :D

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Shooting in Lake Annecy with Stephen Perry Photographer…

Stephen Perry Photographer and I went to a beautiful part of Lake Annecy in France and spent a few afternoons shooting.  The area is so beautiful and the colours are amazing! :)

These first few were shot in a quiet wood. It looks lovely and sunny, but it was freezing! :D


1 2 3 4

I was stood on this rock posing and a little black cat came along to join in, so I quickly sat down so we could get him in the shot before he ran away! He was very cute, but didn’t hang around for long, we obviously weren’t as interesting as he first thought :D



I love the rustic colours we found in this tiny village here… has inspired me to want to decorate a room in my house like this actually! :D

6 7 8


We found a very cool cave to shoot in. I grew up climbing quarries when I was bored, so I felt quite at home here!

9 10

We did a few headshots with the beautiful sunlight, at that point when you have 2 minutes before it disappears :)

11 12 13

We thought we better actually take a picture with the lake in the background, since we were infact visiting a lake and it would be rude not to! :)



We found a quiet road and did a quick nude here with the beautiful scenery in the background. Again with the last 2 minutes of remaining sunshine before it went to bed for the night!



I was very reluctant to get in the lake as it wasn’t warm at all! I did the toe in the water thing, then did a few shots dry and hesitant, then thought sod it, i’m already freezing I might as well get fully wet!! :D  The things you do for a shot! :D

16 17


This is 1 of 2 shots we took outside of this pizza place! We asked the shops permission to shoot here and owner said it was fine. After taking 2 shots, she changed her mind (perhaps on seeing my outfit oops!) so we ran away quickly to keep the peace! This was in fact just a test shot, but we still liked it!

18 19


This one is slightly out of sync with the others as this was shot on an Iphone! Stephen was asked by somebody to try shooting on an Iphone once, so whilst out walking we decided we liked the looks of these rocks and they would suit some nice art nude shots. So I quickly whipped off my walking boots, no make up on, rough pony tail and we shot this on Stephen’s mobile phone! :)



I was a great trip and a stunning place and I wish we could have stayed for a few months! :D

Safari in South Africa

Little video of a “Happy Safari” shoot I did in South Africa with Andrew Appleton Photographer…..whilst we were over working at the Photo Film Expo in Johannesburg.

Looking forward to going back this year….for more fun, games and workshops! ;) :D

Photography & video editng: Andrew Appleton

Video camera: Boudoir Fusion, South Africa

Black Diamond Editorial …..

Just wanted to share one of my favourite shoots of the year………… (as it’s New Years Eve and all……)

An Editorial I shot with Wayne Lawes Photographer….Mr. Multi-Talented…also on styling! ;) and his lovely wife Liz Lawes also a photographer. We were assisted by another model Nic Button (lovely lady on a mission to keep me warm ….I love you for that!) ;)

Hair & Makeup by the super creative:  Tara Steel MUA

We shot this on location near Bournemouth & Newforest in Dorset …  and called it “Black Diamonds” :)

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Behind the Scenes…………

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<3 happy days…… :)




The compliment thing….

It is so very odd, that by being a model, people assume that you must think that you are beautiful! As of course modelling is presumably all about looks & beauty…. So people who model are therefore beautiful and therefore know they are, or why else would they model! Sounds simple!?


But to my mind that is so far from how it is……I got into modelling as I liked having my hair done! I loved having my head rubbed like a dog and loved all the funky colours I had done, that i’d never have dared to otherwise.

As a teenager & growing up I had absolutely no confidence …. so I never for one second considered myself worthy of a second glimpse, let alone attractive, and certainly of no relevance to modelling! (Without meaning to sound negative!) As my modelling continued and escalated over the years on and off…..(quite accidentally) I acquired a new found self confidence and an immense passion for it. But it was never about my looks, not then, not now, not ever. It was all about expression, creativity, doing that thing that sets your heart and brain on fire!

The point of me writing this was I actually wanted to explain why I struggle t0 accept compliments and may come across like I am being dismissive!

Often people make lovely comments on my images and I am very grateful yet so genuinely shy to accept these compliments! “Bullshit” I hear you say!  Outwardly and even inwardly I am a very confident person now, but compliment me and I will shake my head at you, change the subject, tell you to “shush” or “don’t be daft”. Not out of rudeness or that I am unappreciative , but because I genuinely don’t see it, or I guess I just don’t look at myself in that light. And I know I don’t have to agree , but by saying thank you I feel that that means that I am and I just find it embarrassing and vain!  It is crazy as I know and I sound like I need therapy! But it’s not even about self confidence, I just get shy and feel embarrassed when I have to reply to a compliment.  SO it is easier to pretend I never heard! :D

Of course I do say thank you because I am genuinely grateful…..but it feels a bit false when I say it as of course I just can not see these things often, and by saying thank you I feel that is me agreeing “Yes I agree I am bloody awesome, thank you “!  Cringe!

This makes me sound mad I’m fully aware…..! ;)  I do think I am a good model and I do a very good job. But I disassociate being a good model with being good looking, as I don’t think the two necessarily need to go hand in hand.

So I don’t mean this to sound like I am some super sensitive flappy shy model, because I’m genuinely not!  :p  But rather thank you for all your kindness and sorry if I ever sound ungrateful when you are being complimentary, but this is he brain process  (I know, cringe!!) :) <3

God I talk too much! Broken record comes to mind ;) x